Digital Services


All the Trust's websites are managed by the Digital Services Team to ensure compliance with statutory and MAT requirements. We ensure all websites follow design philosophies and principles of the Trust whilst ensuring each academy maintains its own identity. We will work with relevant staff to ensure changes are made to the academy's website to bring it in line.

Social Media

Digital Services will set up and administer social media accounts on behalf of each of the academies within the Trust. Access will be granted to these accounts to staff at each local academy, where required, with Digital Services keeping an overview to ensure good practice is maintained.

Where other staff within the academy are granted permission to run social media accounts, the Digital Services Team can provide advice to those staff, as well as guidance to Senior Leaders, to safeguard all staff using social media accounts and ultimately the whole academy environment. The Digital Services Team provides a Social Media Policy created to meet the needs of academies and provide cover for each academy.

Technology in the Classroom

Where typical IT support ensures hardware is working, Digital Services, whilst encompassing some of this, has a specific focus in ensuring that technology is working in the classroom and working to enhance and improve the learning and teaching offered in our academies.

We work with teachers and Senior Leaders to have a deeper understanding of curriculum delivery that isn't the norm for IT teams and we feel that this bridges a gap to remove inefficiencies within the management of a Leading Edge academy.

We work with academies to ensure that staff are confident in the use of modern technologies. This could be in the form of organising and delivering training that is tailored to the specific needs of the Academy.

Digital Services is an adaptable service that will work with the individual requirements of an academy whilst still ensuring the principles and requirements of the Trust are met. We support all technology within education and will work with all parties to ensure teachers are able to use the technology of choice to truly enhance and innovate the learning experience.

Production of Marketing Materials

Something that is becoming more and more important to academies is marketing and branding. We want to ensure the Abbey MAT brand is represented across all of our academies, this already takes place with the websites and social media but Digital Services will work with academies within the Trust on the production of marketing materials, be they digital or for print, to ensure that the branding is consistent and can build on the reputation Abbey MAT has achieved.

Digital Services will work with academies to produce a marketing strategy that aims to provide value for money and deliver results. We will work through social media channels to ensure we have the reach required, we will work with third parties to ensure value for money when it comes to production of materials.


We will provide an oversight to ensure that what we are printing is meeting the needs of the modern learner. Does something actually need to be printed or can we offer another option? Digital Services will work with staff within academies to ensure the best resources are produced for students. That may be taking an old worksheet that requires printing and recreating it so you have a new high quality version or perhaps taking an old worksheet and turning it into an interactive resource for students to learn with, either on a computer or another device. Digital Services take line management of Print Services which ensures that efficiencies can be made and academies can achieve value for money on something that may be a drain on funding and resources.


Digital Services operate school photography and videography for marketing and promotional purposes. As well as this, from 2018, through the Digital Services team, Abbey Multi Academy Trust have started operating their own in house school photography service. Providing high quality school photography at a cost that is fair and reasonable to our parents.

Name & Registered Office:

Abbey Multi Academy Trust
c/o Chapter House
Abbey Grange Church of England Academy
Butcher Hill
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Registered Company Number: 07705552