IT Services

What is IT Services?

IT Infrastructure encompasses configuration and maintenance of the hardware and software required for an effective academy network, as well as support for staff and students.

Trust Infrastructure

The Trust network ties together individual academy networks which allow access to shared platforms and centrally hosted services. Some examples include Backups, Server failover redundancy, SIP phone system, Mobile Device Management. This also brings the ability to share centrally stored documents and data which will become invaluable as the Trust grows. We also take advantage of single supplier contracts and economies of scale to get the best services and value.

Academy Infrastructure​

Each academy has its own network, tailored to their individual needs. Whilst each network is a standalone setup, it is linked to into the Trust therefore taking advantage of centrally managed systems. A financial plan for IT is implemented at each academy to ensure academy leaders have a view of the required future spend. This also ensures hardware is replaced appropriately reducing unplanned spending.

Support Teams

Secondary Academies: Secondary academies have an in-house team consisting of an IT Manager and Technicians, providing day-to-day support and maintenance. Primary Academies: Rather than using a secondary academy’s IT staff for reactive support, Abbey MAT has a proactive

‘Primary Academies’ IT Manager and Technician Team. The primaries team have set days on site at each primary academy for development and maintenance as well as being able to react to urgent requests for support at any time. Local IT Managers work under the Central Team to deliver support in line with the Trust IT strategy and the priorities of each academy. Each Network Manager specialises in a specific area of IT infrastructure. Regular CPD maintains and improves these skills which can be used when required at any academy within the Trust.


We are constantly researching and testing new technologies to ensure we have the most effective infrastructure to support curriculum delivery. This involves interrogating existing set ups to confirm they continue to be useful.​​​

Name & Registered Office:

Abbey Multi Academy Trust
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