Directorate of Effectiveness

The Directorate of Academy Effectiveness is part of Abbey Multi Academy Trust, a dynamic and forward thinking collaboration of academies across phases, determined to create world class learning through an inclusive and leading edge provision.

Shaped by our Christian ethos we are underpinned by the trust we nurture across our academies and our understanding of bespoke needs and individual contexts, enabling us to offer expertise and targeted support and effective development. Our capacity for quality provision is framed by our varied contexts, which we are able to use to provide expertise and support across phase and for all our academies.

Our research programme is extensive and well developed through membership of various national projects and we use this extensive understanding to draw on and to inform our support package and to support our mission to provide innovation in teaching and learning at all levels. Our team works across our academies supporting the development of high quality teaching and learning, to ensure our staff are able to provide our young people with the best learning experience possible.

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Name & Registered Office:

Abbey Multi Academy Trust
c/o Chapter House
Abbey Grange Church of England Academy
Butcher Hill
LS16 5EA
Registered Company Number: 07705552