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At Lightcliffe Academy, it is our fundamental belief that all children have an entitlement to high-quality education. We are committed to providing excellent teaching and learning, pastoral care and additional opportunities for our students to enable them to flourish academically, socially, spiritually and emotionally in a supportive and caring environment. We believe in academic excellence and the power of great teaching. Our teaching staff engage with the academy coaching programme which provides them with regular feedback, praise and action steps. We invest in this because we know that excellent teaching can transform lives and unlock great potential.

Our rich, ambitious curriculum is regularly reviewed and updated to give students the building blocks of knowledge and skills that enable them to achieve and succeed. It is engaging and offers a full range of learning opportunities both inside and out of the classroom. Our students make good progress from their starting points as they move up the school, developing confidence, empathy and maturity in their learning. We encourage and empower our young people to engage in student leadership roles such as sustainability, diversity and health, which gives them a strong voice of influence in the academy as well as modelling excellence to others.

A successful Ofsted inspection in March2022 recognised the significant improvements that have taken place at Lightcliffe, and our students, staff and wider community are proud to be part of the academy. Relationships are built on partnership, support and mutual respect, reflecting our academy values centred around the SHARED character: Service, Health and happiness, Ambition, Resilience, Equity and Dignity. All members of the academy are valued and accepted, reflecting our inclusive ethos.

Through this bespoke and tailored character curriculum, students grow and develop as young people, so that when they leave the academy, they have fulfilled the student goal and are able to say:

‘At Lightcliffe Academy, I have been educated, nurtured and empowered to lead a successful, happy and healthy life. I am ambitious and resilient, treating myself and others with respect, dignity and compassion. I have learnt to help others, to make a difference, and to giveback to the community.’

The SHARED character focus runs through assemblies, form-time and subject lessons, so that they learn to accept and celebrate diversity, appreciate others’ perspectives and develop positive relationships, as well as fostering respect. The SHARED values underpin everything we do. They make our school an enriching place where students feel safe and supported.

At Lightcliffe Academy, we believe that every child has a talent, an ability or a special quality that makes them unique, and we are passionate about helping our students find their niche or vocation. Our excellent team of pastoral staff work tirelessly to ensure students overcome any barriers or challenges and strive to ensure individual student needs are met. Our aim is to build an open, inclusive and forward-facing academy by engaging fully with families and the local community. By tapping into these relationships and links, our academy is enriched and strengthened.

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