Catherine Garrett

Catherine became Co-CEO in January 2020 following twelve months in the role of interim Co-CEO.  Catherine also retains her post as Director of Education.

Catherine leads the Trusts Central Education Team and works closely with academy leadership teams to provide strategic leadership, clear guidance and effective management for all aspects of performance, standards and effectiveness across the Trust. She works in partnership with the Executive Principals and academy leaders, ensuring that their self-evaluation is accurate and robust and leads to clear actions. Catherine also leads on academy reviews which provide the opportunity to evaluate the quality of leadership and management and teaching, learning and assessment.

Key responsibilities of Catherine’s role include the following:

  • To work closely with senior leaders and key staff across the Trust to support and direct the vision, high achievement, progress and overall standards.
  • To lead and manage the Central Education Team ensuring they are strategically focused in their work.
  • To support the Principals in the development of a Strategic Development Plan and self-evaluation documents.
  • To support in the development, implementation and monitoring of post Ofsted Improvement Plans and other plans.
  • To work with Local Governing Bodies and Trustees to ensure they are equipped to fulfil their accountabilities and responsibilities in regard to standards and performance.
  • To continue to develop the performance culture of the Trust, analysing trends and developing interventions to raise standards and pursue excellence in all areas of academy performance.
  • To develop a range of effective quality assurance mechanisms and compliance systems which lead to continued improvement across the Trust.
  • To use Key Performance Indicators to benchmark and health check Academies and support student outcomes.
  • To develop a Trust approach to academy review including the organisation of whole academy, subject and aspect reviews in conjunction with Principals.
  • To ensure a consistent and continuous focus on student and academy achievement.