Chiedza Ikpeh

Chiedza Ikpeh is a Doctoral Researcher, EDI Consultant and education advocate who is dedicated to improving representation for Black Africans and Caribbeans across all levels of the education sector. With a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Human Resource Management, and a PGCE in Secondary Education, Chiedza has pursued an impressive academic journey that has equipped her with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Currently, Chiedza is completing a doctoral research programme at the University of Chester, where she is exploring innovative approaches to address educational disparities, specifically the under representation of Black women in the teaching profession. Her research is highly regarded by her peers and has the potential to have a significant impact on the education sector.

In addition to her research commitments, Chiedza is the Co-founder and Director of the RARAEducation Project CIC, where she works tirelessly to promote equity within working and learning environments and create opportunities for staff and students of all backgrounds to thrive. With experience in Human Resource Management, she has a passion for inspiring change and creating a more inclusive environment where everyone can reach their full potential.

Overall, Chiedza is making a significant impact in the field. Her commitment to promoting educational equity and creating a more inclusive society is truly inspiring and has the potential to make a meaningful difference in the lives of countless individuals across the UK and beyond.